Dry Rot, Woodworm and Timber Infestation

Dry rot treatment"To treat the problem, first you need to understand the cause"... Timber rot & infestation is a major issue in period properties, especially in those areas left neglected & unattended. There are several main issues including:

Dry Rot - most commonly found in timbers that are in contact with wet / damp areas, damp brickwork & masonry etc. It is caused by a fungus that thrives in such conditions, sporophores, which have a soft fleshy texture. Correct ventilation will almost certainly prevent it, but not cure it!
The fungus grows in damp conditions effectively sucking all the moisture from the timbers, developing strands that travel across bricks & masonry upon which the fungus will not thrive, until it finds more timbers to feed from.
The result is a dry, almost powder like timber that will crumble in the fingers, with no structural qualities whatsoever.

Woodworm treatmentWoodworm - a condition most people will readily recognise by the evidence of very small holes in the timbers. There are several types of woodworm (in actual fact beetles,) but the most common does again, prefer damp timbers, untreated timbers & neglected furniture.
The beetle lays it's eggs on such woodwork, and the grubs burrow into the woodwork - active infestations often determinable by the presence of wood dust in affected areas.


Obviously such conditions can wreak havoc on a period property, even when the property is occupied and well maintained, the importance of correct maintenance and preventative measures cannot be over-stressed.

Booth and Son Restoration Ltd have a wealth of experience in dealing with rot and infestation problems offering preventions, cures and repairs to affected areas. Contact us for no obligation advice.


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