Gothic House

As traditional builders, Booth and Son Restoration Ltd. were privileged to be asked to carry out conservation works to "GothicGrade 2 Listed Building House", Cottenham, Cambridgeshire.

The Cottenham Village Design Group describe the property as "...the rather mis-named Gothic House, heavily altered in the mid-19th century using an eccentric and eclectic mixture of 16th and 17th century styles" ...and " a valued local landmark"

This property is steeped in local history, of which the owner is keen to respect. It is believed to be one of only a few buildings to remain intact following the Great Fire of Cottenham in 1850.

Obviously such a prestigious project requires the full involvement of local authorities, Listed Building officials and ultimately English Heritage.

Listed Building Consent

The Listed Buildings planning application process for such works is a field in which Booth and Son Restoration Ltd. specialise, requiring detailed historical research to ensure the building's heritage is preserved.

The works will restore the external elevations of the property, whilst maintaining its
appearance and respecting the importance of the historic changes the property has
undergone. The works to interior of the house are to provide the owners with a safe,
usable family home, the client being very mindful of the historic restrictions and
responsibilities of such a dominant building.
The impact on the building will be one of securing its longevity in its current form and to
prevent and further deterioration.

As this project matures we will document it's progress on this website.

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